Preview of the 2024 Renault Escape ahead of its spring debut

Preview of the 2024 Renault Escape ahead of its spring debut

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Renault Escape turns 40 during 2023 and to celebrate it, the brand will launch a new generation model. The escape from sixth generation It will debut in the spring, though it won’t be a minivan.

To calm the anxiety a bit, Renault presents a preview of the Exhaust with three teaser images confirming that it will be an SUV.

Its transformation is not surprising considering that the demand for this type of vehicle is increasing, as well as the reduction of the MPV segment in European markets. This new car will arrive in a few months and it will be a SUV with five doors and seven seats. The firm does not reveal further details, although enough is already known about him.

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Previous spy images showed that the new vehicle will have a design similar to the Austral. In addition, it will be mounted on the platform CMF-CF which supports several models of the CMF-CD platform alliance, which also supports the Austral, and other SUVs of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. In fact, this architecture was used on the outgoing Escape, which was a traditional minivan.

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Renault claims its new Escape will be “comfortable, innovative and high-end«. Reports indicate that it will be above the Austral and, if correct, will have luxury features and higher quality materials on board.

The sixth generation Escape is not expected to be launched with a range of independent blocks, as it retains many similarities with the Austral. This features a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with mild hybrid support, which reduces the power to a maximum of 130 hp.

For the Escape, the most appropriate option would be the four-cylinder 1.3-liter semi-hybrid with 140 HP.

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