Prototype of the spied Audi Q8 2025 shows slight changes (+ IMAGES)

Prototype of the spied Audi Q8 2025 shows slight changes (+ IMAGES)

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The new prototype of the Audi Q8 2025 shown under camouflage with minor modifications.

Audi Q8 2025 camouflaged prototype

The Audi Q8is he flagship SUV, it’s ready for a mid-life upgrade, as can be seen in this camouflaged prototype. The renewed model, also known as the economic one Lamborghini Urus in its higher equipment level, it will be offered together with the e-tron 100% electric that was recently renamed by modifying its name to Q8 e-tron.

AUDI Q8 2025

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The silver prototype was somewhat exposed as the engineers of Audi they only camouflaged the parts that will be modified with the facelift, including the bumpers, fenders, side sills, tailgate, and lighting units. The biggest change will be to the LED graphics on the headlights and taillights.

AUDI Q8 2025

Other changes will be made to the front in the honeycomb pattern on the single frame grillwhich currently shows larger holes and redesigned bumper air intakes that are similar to the Q8 e-tron.

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The surface of the front and rear fenders seems the same under the camouflage, but perhaps the brand seeks to mislead in some change.

The firm is expected to update the interior with new upholstery options and improved infotainment/connectivity features, putting the model on a par with its rivals in the premium SUV segment. The competition includes the bmw x6 which will soon be remodeled, the mercedes gle Coupe and the Porsche Cayenne Coupe which will soon receive a new generation.

Several under the hood updates will ensure engine options remain compliant with stringent emissions regulations. Emphasizing mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid configurations, with models focused on the facelifted SQ8 and RS Q8 performance.

The debut of the renewed Audi Q8 It is expected for the next year 2024, six years after its original debut in 2018.

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