Redesigned Porsche Cayenne Takes Shape In Unofficial Rendering

Porsche really doesn’t do camouflage. The automaker often gets to the point where it drops most of it, exposing the final design under the road before official reveal. Recent spy shots captured Cayenne naked, and a new rendering of preview of what the production model will look like when it debuts

The SUV gets a mid-cycle redesign, so much remains the same. However, there are major styling changes to the front and rear fascia. Interior updates are not visible in this rendering. The grille is more open, fully reaching the front of the vehicle. The lower bumper received some adjustments, and the SUV headlights feature a new shape and a more upright orientation

The rendering depicts the rear with a familiar-looking full-width taillight element. However, the production version may not look like this. The spy shot makes it appear that the taillights will be a uniformly sized element at the rear without the notch in the elevator doors. Lower bumper houses square quad exhaust tips

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Porsche hasn’t revealed any powertrain information yet, but rumors suggest that the petrol engine’s 2.9-liter V6 and 4.0-liter V8 will be more powerful. We don’t have any specific info, but the updated engine lineup could include a revised plug-in hybrid setup. This could mean the model will receive a larger battery, increasing the driving range of the pure electric model.

One thing the renderings don’t show is the SUV’s interior, which was revealed from previous spy photos to be receiving a significant overhaul. The redesigned Cayenne will have a new dashboard design and a new gear lever. The revamped center console will feature cupholders behind a row of toggle switches.

The Cayenne offers the model in standard and coupe configurations, and it’s unclear if the two will debut simultaneously. It’s also unclear when the disclosure will take place. Porsche hasn’t said a peek about it yet, but we expect the updated Cayenne to arrive for the 2023 model year. The performance variant should come later. Porsche is working on a larger electric crossover that might become the Cayenne EV.

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