Renault dealer takes advantage of Shakira’s song to promote the Twingo (+Video)

Renault uses Shakira to promote Twingo
Renault uses Shakira to promote Twingo

Only if you live under the stones you will not have found out about the topic of the moment: Sharika’s new song with Bizarrap, which has taken over social networks and has generated endless reactions. Of course, those Internet users who never miss the gossip that is taking over the networks on a day-to-day basis, should know what the topic is about, but for those who have detached themselves a bit from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more , we bring you updates, and it is that, Renault uses Shakira’s song to promote the Twingo.

Shakira and BzRP’s Music Sessions #53

Shakira’s new song in collaboration with bizarre is the hit of the moment. In it, he talks about the end of her relationship with Gerard Piqué, ex-husband and father of her children. It has accumulated almost 40 million views in less than 24 hoursand goes for more.

And of course, many have expressed their opinion about it, because in the “Music Sessions #53” it splashes Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chía. But not only that, since, with his new hit, the Colombian singer splashed two other brands: Renault and Cassio.

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It is clear that it has not been done on purpose, but in the artistic field, using references to brands, situations and so on is commonplace. Something that Shakira did in her new song with one of the phrases that have given the most talk: «You traded a Ferrari for a Twingoyou traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

  • Renault Twingo: This is the car that looks like Clara Chía, according to Shakira
  • Shakira’s message to Piqué in his new song: “You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo”, and this is how the networks react (+ Tweets and video)

Renault uses Shakira to promote the Twingo

Fortunately, there is no such thing as bad publicity.. And both Casio and Renault know that, which is why the French brand has been using Shakira’s song on its social networks to promote its beloved Twingo.

Through Tiktok, the user @majojimenez21_ shared a video of a dealership of the automobile company, where, with Shakira’s song in the background, a Twingo arrives from which one employee after another begins to get off, with several boxes, and even a fan. This refers to the part of the song where the Colombian says “I was too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you«.

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Renault uses Shakira to promote Twingo

The video continues, and they cut to another scene where the Twingo brakes near two employees. The driver lowers the glass and asks the employees if he splashed them, also in relation to another verse of the song “I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you, I only make music, sorry that I splashed you«. The employees respond to this with a Clearly. They certainly did not miss the opportunity.

It is worth mentioning that initially Renault responded to Shakira with a tweet that says: «For guys and chicks like you. Turn up the volume! Renault Twingo, clearly young, urban, electric, agile, iconic, compact and mischievous. Using references to the song of the barranquillera.

Renault uses Shakira to promote Twingo
Renault uses Shakira to promote Twingo

Similarly, Casio was not far behind, posting an image of its waterproof watches accompanied by the caption: “We love getting splashed on this.” And all of this doesn’t seem to be ending soon, so he waits for the next updates.

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