Renault Duster reviews Why not buy it?

The Renault duster is one of the most popular SUVs in Latin America. It already has several generations that have been launched on the market and is often sought after by consumers for its relative low cost. In addition, it is usually considered as a vehicle of acceptable quality with good security measures. However, in this article we will evaluate different opinions of the owners and arguments to consider why not buy Renault Duster.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Duster

Being one of the most popular Renault models, it is possible to find Duster models from the 90s, 2000s and also from recent years. In this article we express the characteristics and complaints of the user in general. Above all, they are focused on the models that have been manufactured from 2019 to date, which are the ones with the highest circulation on the market today.

Advantages of the Renault Duster

These are the main positive features that have been highlighted by users of these SUVs over the years:

  • All in the Duster looks great. Due to its height, avoiding bumps and imperfections on the road is not a problem.
  • The interior design has been positively valued for being simple and providing a relaxed atmosphere.
  • It has good interior space. 4 or 5 people can travel comfortably. It also has good storage space in the trunk. Some come from the factory with bars luggage rack.

Disadvantages of the Renault Duster

Here the disadvantages regarding the design, comfort and usability of the vehicle:

  • Not all models have well-designed controls. For example, on some the exterior mirror control is located just below the parking brake, making it difficult to operate.
  • The equipment of infotainment not usually the best. Other similarly priced trucks are better in this regard.
  • The same happens with the safety equipmentsince it has only 2 airbags.
  • It can be a little expensive for what it offers

Users’ opinion: Why not buy Renault Duster?

Lights on the dash are a sign of trouble.

Now we will evaluate the main complaints that it is possible to collect on different internet sites. Today, this is a vital consultation tool before making a purchase decision.

Renault Duster ignition failure

multiple owners they report problems when booting. For example, one comment that the first-time boot takes longer than desirable. This same user also warns about problems climbing slopes.

Another Duster owner comments that he had problems with his vehicle that suddenly stalled and stopped going. Then he couldn’t get it to boot up again. He checked both the fuel pump and the fuses and everything seemed fine. Taking her to the mechanic they told him that the problem could have been caused by having passed a hole or pothole.

Lastly, in this section we present the case of an owner who shortly after buying a Duster he decided to resell the vehicle: “I have used the Duster for 12,000 km and it does not meet my expectations. Specifically, the problem is the O-ring of the air intake butterfly which, apparently, when it is cold, does not pass enough air. So, the car slaps and shakes, the revolutions oscillate, causing wear on the clutch. Renault has informed me that they are not going to change my car, so I decided to sell it”.

Duster automatic transmission failure

Some of the most common failures have to do with the engine and transmission.

This is another common problem reported by users who also talk about Renault Duster power loss fault. Even sometimes one thing is related to the other. In this sense, a user tells that his transmission “exploded”. In addition, this person had officially serviced the vehicle a short time ago, but the mechanics of this company had not found anything wrong. “The Dusters seem to be made of cotton candy, I will never buy a car of this brand again,” concludes the user.

Another user talks about Renault Duster electronic failure witness. In this case, the transmission warning light comes on by itself, causing a failure at boot time. On the other hand, this person denounces that the post-sale service is “expensive and bad”.

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Duster: crash when accelerating

This is another common point pointed out by various users on the forums. For example, one of them reports that after performing the first technical service (at 5,000 kilometers), the van started to lose power upon reaching normal temperature. On the other hand, she began to notice that When you turn on the air conditioning, the car loses power.. In addition, according to this person, when taking it back to the technical service “Renault employees admitted that the truck had a fault but they could not solve it.”

Another owner reports a similar problem. This is what he says: “I have had a loss of strength from the truck for a year. The spark plugs, the throttle body, the fuel pump have already been changed and the throttle panel has been checked. Still it fails.”

In turn, an owner of a Duster comments that, with only 5,000 kilometers of use, he had to change all the valves to correct all the problems I was experiencing regarding the strength and power of the vehicle.

Opinions Renault Duster 2022

The Renault Duster 2022 has better features than its predecessors.

It is important to note that the latest available model, for now, of these vehicles has had better reviews than several of its predecessors. In this sense, Renault has refined the design of this SUV and provided it with better equipment in general.. In addition, the perception of quality of the vehicle in general has also improved.

In turn, the 2022 Dusters are equipped with 154 hp and 184 lb-ft engines, which is a significant improvement in the power of these vehicles. To draw a comparison, it is possible to point out that it is the same equipment available in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

In this article we have seen several of the most common failures of the Duster and even several negative opinions that discourage its purchase. However, Renault has apparently improved its latest model quite a bit.


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