Renault responds to Shakira after the Colombian belittled the automaker

Renault responds to Shakira after the Colombian belittled the automaker

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The new theme of Shakira In collaboration with bizarre It is being a real success in reproductions. He undid against her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué accumulates almost 40 million views in less than 24 hours.

The “Hit” is loaded with darts to the former soccer player and his girlfriend, Clara Chia, for what it has generated thousands of reactions in the general public. Being a trend, many have encouraged to express your opinion on the “Music Sessions #53”.

One of the most quoted lines in the song is “You traded a Ferrari for a Twiingo.” as well as “You changed a Rolex for a Casio”, but the relevance has escalated to levels that the brands themselves have decided to respond through social networks. There is no bad publicity they would say there

The car company Renault He responded to the Barranquillera with a tweet that reads: “For guys and girls like you. Turn up the volume! Renault Twingo, clearly young, urban, electric, agile, iconic, compact and mischievous”.

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For its part, the Japanese company Casio was not far behind and said: “We love getting this splashed on us.” The publication is accompanied by the image of its waterproof watches.

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Shakira’s new song has caught on with the public and no one has been indifferent to the verses that make it up. In fact, various artists have spoken in networks supporting Shakira.

Celebrities include Paulo Londra, Alejandro Sanz, Tainy, Kodigo, Prince Royce, Tokischa Altagracia and Dread Mar-Iwho limited themselves to posting some flames, but as a clear reference to the video.

The Colombian Carolina Cruz also referred to the single, citing part of the lyrics: «Women no longer cry. Women bill. I love you Shakira. Thank you for saying what many women are silent. bye”, wrote the model.

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