Report from the Bank of Spain confirms that the MOVES Plan for electric cars does not work

MOVES plan for electric cars does not work in Spain
Image courtesy of – Electric car MOVES plan does not work in Spain

Electric cars are not succeeding in Spain and there are several reasons for this situation. Strong arguments like unreliable purchasing power, bureaucracy or charging infrastructure they play against him and the last report of the Bank of Spain about MOVES plan it only confirms what has been known for a long time.

An example of the delicate situation of electric cars in the country is the confirmation of the battery gigafactory in Sagunto belonging to volkswagen could come to nothing for lack of public funding.

Bank of Spain Report on the MOVES Plan it does not work

Regardless of whether the Government has to pay part of the costs of initiatives of this type, what is clear is that the electric car is not living its best moment in Spain.

Specifically, the Bank of Spain report focuses on the impact that the MOVES plan in the sale of electric cars, which in general could be considered nil.

“The program would have increased, on average, at least 1% the new registrations of electric vehicles in Asturias, Madrid, Navarra, the Balearic Islands and in the average of the provinces of Catalonia since its launch until December 2020,” he says. He then recognizes that in the rest of Spain his influence has been null. “For the rest of the communities, it cannot be ruled out that the average impact of their provinces was statistically null,” he says.

Bank of Spain report on MOVES Plan
Image courtesy of – Bank of Spain report on Plan MOVES

It concludes by saying that: “In light of the results of the analysis, a high heterogeneity by provinces is observed in the impact of the incentive program for the purchase of electric vehicles in Spain.”

The first edition of MOVES plan which aims to encourage the purchase of electric cars came into force in February 2019, but its failure was due to excessive demand. The second began in June 2020 with a budget increase from €45 million to €100 million. Currently, there is the MOVES III Plan, which was launched in April of last year with a budget of 400 million euros.

Why doesn’t the MOVES Plan work?

The Bank of Spain he questions the same question and launches hypotheses of the causes, which he has not yet affirmed in the absence of data in his possession.

The report in its conclusions begins by stating that: “The article does not have enough information to be able to analyze why these differences exist between provinces of different communities.”

He goes on to express that “in particular, it would be interesting to find out to what extent they have to do with differences in per capita income of the regions or with a increased number of electric vehicle charging points of some of them, as has been observed in other studies”.

“In this regard, it should be noted that, according to some metrics, Spain would not be well positioned among its surrounding countries in terms of public access recharging infrastructures. Factor that could put a brake on the effectiveness of programs such as MOVES21”, he concludes.


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