Repsol makes a move and offers (almost) double the discount that the Government

The 20-cent discount, applicable to all fuels, which came into force last spring, has an expiration date: December 31, 2022. What will happen from then on? This question still has no answer, although it seems that the extension of this is not totally ruled out. When in doubt, some oil companies have made a move. Repsol now offers a discount of up to 39 cents per liter.

The questions are inevitable: in the new General State Budgets there is no temporary extension related to the 20-cent bonus. Nadia Calviño, Minister of Economy, explained in RNE which is something they have to evaluate for decide if the measure “is maintained for the entire population or if it is better to focus on some group that could be more affected”.

The current discount: 25 or 30 cents

Prices, especially diesel prices, remain high. To minimize their impact on drivers’ pockets, in addition to the state discount, the oil companies maintain the measures they have put in place in recent months. And there are some that even extend the discount they apply.

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Repsol continues to offer a discount of 25 cents per liter to those customers who refuel at their service stations and pay (by bank card or cash) without using the Waylet application or the Solred card. With either of these two methods, the discount is a little higher: 30 cents, that with Waylet it is applied directly and with Solred it is carried out in the monthly bill. It is compatible with other discounts that the driver already enjoys (although in the case of Waylet they cannot all be used in the same operation) and do not require a minimum or maximum amount.

How to get a discount of up to 39 cents

Repsol offers its customers the possibility of obtaining a discount of up to 39 cents per liter when they visit the pumps at its service stations. Those extra 9 cents will be added to the current discount although, as you may have imagined for this untilthere is small print and includes two conditions: pay with the Waylet application and have, at least, an electricity and/or gas contract with Repsol.

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taking a look at the conditions of the promotion, the oil company has two lines of action. On the one hand, it offers a direct gift of 40, 80 or 120 euros depending on the number of contracts they sign: one, two or three. That amount will become a Waylet balance so that the user can use it as he wishes.

On the other hand, by paying for refueling with the application, they will be able to add those extra 9 cents to the 30 already existing. How? In the first place and for six months, Repsol will offer an additional discount per refueled liter of 3 cents… regardless of the number of contracts the driver has.

When you refuel with diesel, gasoline 95 (Efitec) or Autogas, you can add 2 cents (if you have a contract), 3 cents (two contracts) or 4 cents (three contracts): in this case the additional discount would reach up to 7 cents. Only those who go to the e10 diesel or 98 gasoline (Efitec) pumps will be able to benefit from the 9 cents: for this they will have to count, yes, with three contracts that will result in a reduction of 6 cents. If they have one, it will be 4 cents and if they have two, 5 cents.

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These bonuses will be applied for twelve months, but since the 3 cent bonus will only be active for six months, benefiting from those up to 39 cents per liter will only be possible for half a year. After this time, the additional discount will be, at most, 4 or 6 cents.

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