Requirements to regularize auto chocolate in Sinaloa

requirements to regularize cars in Sinaloa
requirements to regularize cars in Sinaloa

Sinaloa, being one of the 14 states of Mexico that have benefited from the decree that was put into effect on October 19, 2021 signed by López Obrador, the power to regularize cars of foreign origin. Due to the great demand that exists, they extend the term until December 31, 2022. Keep reading, as we will show you the steps you must follow to be able to regularize a chocolate car in Sinaloa.

Requirements to regularize a foreign car (Chocolate car) in Sinaloa:

  • Chocolate car ownership title.
  • Official identification of the person (which is current or close to its expiration date).
  • The CURP (Unique Population Registry Code).
  • Proof of address (Not older than 3 months old).
  • Serial number of the vehicle to be legalized.
  • Proof of payment of 2,500 pesos (SAT payment multiple form).
  • The printed receipt of the REPUVE appointment.
  • The vehicle must be from 2016 or less than that year, for more information in What cars can be regularized in Mexico.
  • Dischargefill out and submit the letter of “Demonstration, under protest to tell the truth”, where you report that the car is not involved in any crime or is in criminal proceedings.
  • Current license from the state of Sinaloa.

Steps to regularize a chocolate car in Sinaloa.

Next we are going to give the steps to follow and be able to regularize a chocolate car in Sinaloa with each of its processes.

Electronic citation:

  • You must enter to request the appointment.
  • Enter CURP.
  • Enter NIV (VIN number or chassis number).
  • Record contact information for the appointment.

Payment and documentation:

  • Fill out the request for payment in the following link.
  • Make the payment in bank.
  • You must have the documentation prepared: Property title, INE, Proof of address that is valid, Manifest letter, Proof of payment and the printed appointment.
  • Current Sinaloa driver’s license.

Go to the Repuve module on time on the day and time of the appointment:

1. Regularization procedure:

  • Validation of documents.
  • Do the physical inspection of the car.

two. Pasting of the chip that Repuve grants in the car.

Registration of the car in the State.

  • Payment of the processing of the plates.
  • Presentation of the car.
  • Delivery of plates and circulation card.

Where is the procedure for the regularization of chocolate cars in Sinaloa done?

There are specific places in Sinaloa where you can regularize cars of foreign origin, below we will show you a list where you can regularize them.

  • Culiacán SIN-01 – Blvd. de las Torres Poniente No. 5270 Ejido, Col. Las Flores, Rosales,
    CP 80104.
  • Ahome SIN-02 – LosMochis Blvd. Antonio Rosales and Blvd. Las Huertas, CP 81364.
  • Mazatlán SIN-03 – Convention Center, Av. del Delfín No. 6303, Marina Mazatlán,
    ZIP 82103.
  • Salvador Alvarado SIN-04 -Guamúchil Convention Center, Carretera Guamúchil-Angostura S/N, CP 81474.
  • Guasave SIN-05 – Guasave Calle Lazaro Cárdenas del Rio, Ejidal, CP 81020.

What cars cannot be regularized in Sinaloa?

  • Luxury cars.
  • Cars that have not been manufactured in the US, Mexico or Canada, also if the Vehicle Identification number “NIV” is not in the decree (begins with 6,7,8,9 or begins with a letter).
  • If the car is from the year 2017 or higher.
  • If car has an order or report of theft abroad or Mexico.
  • Failure to present the documentation that validates the ownership of the vehicle (Title or purchase invoice).
  • If you try to regularize more than one car in a single procedure.
  • Do not comply with the conditions of environmental protection.

How to fill out the multiple payment form to be able to regularize a chocolate car in Sinaloa?

The user JULIO CESAR GARCIA ORTIZ made a video where he explains how to fill out the form to regularize a chocolate car.

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