Requirements to work at Uber USA

Become an Uber driver: requirements and registration

Requirements to work at Uber USA, driving a car with the mission of moving people inside or outside the city, has become an activity to earn money, which can be done by planning a specific schedule. In addition, you must have a vehicle that meets certain conditions, such as not exceeding 15 years of use, while drivers must comply as a first step by filling out a form at the uber official website.

Requirements to work at Uber USA
Requirements to work at Uber USA

What you need to work at Uber USA

All people interested in working at Uber USA need to meet a series of important requirements such as: age, driver’s license status, and driving experience. In addition, you must pass a driving evaluation, which contains a driving history and criminal history check, provide proof of residency, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.. Likewise, the car must comply with a series of requirements such as age, size and condition of how it is located. The type of vehicle insurance coverage will depend on the state. Uber offers coverage, however it is restricted when the driver logs into the app and drives customers.

Minimum requirements for Uber driver

Requirements to work at Uber USA
Requirements to work at Uber USA

To start the process you must complete the application that appears on the Uber website. You should take into account that the requirements may vary, depending on some cities and states in the USA.

  • Have the minimum age requested
  • One year of driving experience with a US driver’s license, or three years of experience if you are under 23 years of age.
  • Valid United States driver’s license
  • Count on a legible four-door car
  • It is important to note that the requirements will vary by region.

Documents to present

  • Valid driver’s license in the United States
  • Proof of residence in your city or state
  • Proof of insurance and vehicle registration
  • Driver’s profile photo, in passport format (must not be driver’s license photo)
  • Some locations, such as the city of New York, requires a scar insurance commercial to work in a car rental service.

Driver Evaluation Requirements

The person who wants to work at Uber USA must be attentive to Uber’s requirements, among which they will complete an online evaluation with the objective of reviewing the driving record and criminal record. For what Uber requires, your Social Security number (SSN) for tax purposes. If the applicant has recently moved to another state, they may need to submit additional information to review their driving history. You should have your driver’s license and insurance from your previous state on hand.

Steps to follow to become an Uber driver

Requirements to work at Uber USA
Requirements to work at Uber USA

You must complete the driver request form by clicking on, or in the Uber application, uploading all the necessary documents for when they request it. In case you are unable to complete this process online, you can call Uber, or visit one of their Offices local. You must give your authorization for the background investigation process, and wait for a response, it can take up to 10 days. In case the request is successful and your driver status is current, you need to enable the driver option in the Uber app. It’s time to accept all passenger requests and start earning money.

Type of insurance you need for Uber

The type of coverage Vehicle insurance It will depend on the state. Uber offers coverage, only when you log into their app and drive customers. In case you are disconnected or the application is turned off, the coverages and the personal car insurance company apply.

Once you’re logged in and waiting for a driver’s request, Uber’s accident insurance covers “third party liability if your personal car return doesn’t apply.”

What is covered:

  • Bodily injury per person: US$50,000
  • Bodily injury per accident: $100,000
  • Property damage per accident: US$25,000

When you’re transporting a passenger or en route, Uber insurance covers more, in the event of a covered accident, it includes:

  • Third Party Liability Insurance: US$1,000,000 limit
  • Bodily injury to uninsured or underinsured drivers (limits will depend on the state)
  • Contingent and collision comprehensive coverage, after payment of a deductible of US$2,500 or US$1,000, as long as the driver has comprehensive personal coverage, plus collision.

What type of car do I need to join Uber?

Requirements to work at Uber USA
Requirements to work at Uber USA

The type of vehicle will depend on the regulations of each city, however, Uber informs which ones they refer to after registering to drive. Some cities require it to be a late model car. It has been established that the Car must have four doors, seat four or more passengers, be brand-free, have no salvage or rebuilt title, and be in top condition. Usually, the car must pass an inspection where possible faults will be detected, before transferring paying customers. Inspection is done annually, or after 80,400 kilometers (50,000 miles). This is free if you run at an Uber hub.

How much money do you earn in Uber

This factor will depend on the area where they work, most drivers they can earn between $5 and $26 per hour, before you must consider the expenses of gasoline, taxes and maintenance of the vehicle. Sometimes Uber offers cash bonuses for new drivers. The company offers up to US$500 to drivers Lyft to join.

Earnings can also be expanded while driving for Uber, these include:

  • Driving a hybrid car, which would save money on gas.
  • Rush hour driving is when Uber charges passengers high prices, all because of a shortage of available drivers in a specific area.
  • Deliver food with the Uber Eats app

How do Uber drivers pay taxes?

Uber drivers are considered independent contractors, so a percentage of profits must be set aside to pay taxes. The company provides each driver with a tax summary, along with a 1099 form, in case you have obtained enough money, you must comply with the corresponding payments. The self-employment tax you must pay as an independent contractor $12.4 applies to Social Security, and 2.9% to Medicare.

Uber tips for drivers

Requirements to work at Uber USA
Requirements to work at Uber USA

To become an Uber driver, it is important to be familiar with the app, to connect with passengers. In addition you must know the area where you are going to offer Uber jobs. You should also know manage time, that is, set your own hours. A vital aspect is keep the vehicle clean, nice in addition to interacting with passengers.


While driving for Uber may be beneficial for some people, it’s good to remember that in some states and cities, Uber offers a convenient way to earn money. Working at Uber USA allows you to set your own hours. It is only required to have a car that meets the required conditions, for example, that does not exceed 15 years, and have a smartphone to use the application.

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