Rivian misses its EV production targets for 2022

Rivian High goals were set for this 2022, but the North American brand has not been able to meet them. one of his main objectives it was the one of achieve a production of 50,000 EV. However, after the end of the year the company It didn’t even reach half.

In fact, as the months went by, the proposal was reduced to the 25,000 units, which also did not reach. According to the data, cars produced in 2022 were 24,337 electric models, between Rivian R1T, Rivian R1S and the delivery EDV for Amazon.

If production is divided by quarter, the year would end with 2,553 units manufactured in the first quarter, 4,401 in the second, 7,363 in the third, and 1,020 in the fourth. The increase is positive and undeniable, but insufficient.

Rivian suffered ups and downs in the year that ended, partly due to the supply crisis which caused a stoppage 70 days, caused by missing components. The weather also affected it, as a result of flooding, forcing the factory to close for five days at the end of the year.

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RJ Scaringe, CEO of the firm assures that, had it not been for the component crisis, the goal of 25,000 cars would have been reached comfortably.

Likewise, RJ Scaringe explains that the aforementioned figure has been exceeded, specifically they have been 25,051, but the last 714 will not count for the measurements due to lack of software validation and wheel alignment.

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On the other hand, of the 24,337 units, 20,332 were delivered to their customers. Currently, the manufacturer faces a reservation book with more than 114,000 orders for the Rivian R1T Y R1S, as well as nearly 1,000 EDV vans for Amazon.

If it does not improve in terms of production, they could find themselves facing a difficult bottleneck to assume.

It is worth mentioning that Rivian was below the $15 billion in your last assessment. However, this was before announcing its production figures, which could cause a considerable drop,

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