Rolls-Royce Boss Says Future New Model Will Be EV

Rolls-Royce will launch a new era of electric power for the brand with the upcoming launch of the Specter. The Specter will be the first all-electric vehicle produced by Rolls-Royce, marking a significant change for the luxury automaker. According to CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos in an interview with Car magazine, the all new Rolls-Royce will be electric by the end of 2030.

“We also made the decision that this car you can not get electric and combustion. Specter is only electric. All future Rolls-Royces, which are new, will be electric only while maintaining what Rolls-Royce is all about. This has to be the most RR dynamic that has ever existed in history. And it was,” Muller-Otvos said in the interview.

The 2023 Rolls-Royce Specter will have signature Rolls-Royce proportions and looks, but will be powered purely by electricity. The design and driving experience will stay true to the brand while incorporating the latest in electric technology. The decision to only offer the Specter in an electric variant set a precedent for all future Rolls-Royces, which will also be electric-only.

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However, Muller-Otvos confirmed that there will still be several years of combustion engine Rolls-Royces available, including the Cullinan, Ghost and Phantom.

Muller-Otvos believes that the transition to electric power will be smooth for Rolls-Royce, as their vehicles are known for their smooth, quiet and torquey driving experiences. He also saw electric power as a good fit for his brand and customers, who mainly live in city centers and use their vehicles for short trips.

The future of the Rolls-Royce brand is definitely electric. The company has been working on EVs for over a decade and is now ready to launch its first electric vehicle, the Specter. While all future Rolls-Royces will be electric, the cars will retain the luxury and driving experience that is the brand’s hallmark.

More importantly, this transition to electric mobility is in line with the brand’s legacy, as founders Rolls and Royce were both interested in the new applications of electricity in vehicles.

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