Saudi Arabian players will never receive Rolls-Royces for beating Argentina

The rumor that the saudi arabia players they would receive a rolls royce for having won against Argentina is false.

Players from Saudi Arabia will not receive any Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is totally false that the Saudi Arabian players will receive a Rolls-Royce Phantom after beating Argentina 2-1 in the first phase of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

A rumor spread on social networks that the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman would give the team a 2023 model, however the coach, herve renardas the player Saleh Al Shehri they denied it.

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“The royalty of Saudi Arabia will give (sic) a Rolls Royce Phantom to each player, as a prize after beating Argentina in the World Cup,” says a post in Facebook shared more than 35,000 times. A tweet said the same with more than 27,000 “I like it” and another publication in instagram it numbered more than 92,000.

If we put in Google keywords in english Rolls-Royce Saudi Arabia Qatar we found some notes that ensure that the team coach and the player Al Shehri the fact of receiving a Rolls-Royce valued at almost US$ 500,000 as a gift.

The Business Standard explain what Renard and Al-Shehri They denied the rumors at a press conference.

Two videos with extracts of the same note uploaded in Twitter by a user: the journalist asks about the supposed gift of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Already Al Shehri smile and answer: “Is not true”. “We are here to serve our country and do our best, that is our greatest achievement.”

in another video Renard answers: “We have a very serious federation and a very serious sports ministry and it is not the time to receive anything right now. We’ve only played one game.”

In Youtube an excerpt from the interview also comes out.

Other outlets such as the New York Post, CBS and Yahoo’s news page have also published the interview. What they did do was declare a public holiday on Wednesday, November 23 after the game.


It is completely false news, since it has not been reported that the Saudi crown prince makes such a gift to the team.

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