Seat belt: still one of the most important safety elements that we have in the car

The belts Safety guards are among the most important safety devices on motor cars. Over the years, various measures have been developed and implemented to increase the use and safety of seat belts.

Using it properly is considered one of the most effective ways to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. here you will learn what are seat beltswhat is its function and other relevant aspects related to its use.

What are seat belts?

Seat belts are devices that are located on the sides of the driver and passenger seats in cars for fasten them to their seats while driving or riding in them. They are considered among most effective safety features that can be found in cars to try to save the lives of the driver and passengers in an accident.

For drivers and front seat passengers, the use of a lap and shoulder belt Significantly reduces the chances of being killed or seriously injured in a road crash. Seat belts do not prevent a crash, but they do have a significant impact on the severity of the consequences of being in one.

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Types of seat belts

Usually when people are told about seat belts, they think of the standard lap/shoulder seat belt used in modern cars. But there really are different types of seat belts that can be used to keep you safe:

  • lap belts: This type of belt is commonly seen in older cars and on airplanes. The belt joins at two extreme points on a person’s lap.
  • shoulder belts: They are placed diagonally across the person as if it were a sash. this kind of belts they buckle towards the center of the car. Often used in conjunction with a lap beltto create a 3-point seat belt.
  • 3 point belts: These types of seat belts help distribute the energy of the moving body, in the event of a crash or collision, over the chest, pelvis and shoulders. They are used today in most modern cars.
  • Belt-in-Seat: These are automatic belts that they slide in and out, when the driver gets in and out of the car. It was commonly combined with a lap belt.
  • Five-point seat belts: Often used in sports cars and child safety seats. Combine two shoulder belts, a lap belt and a lap beltwhich are connected in a central buckle.
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Main benefits of wearing seat belts

  • Ensuring that users remain inside the car during a crash.
  • It prevents users from colliding with any hard components of the car in a collision or accident, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, etc.
  • Decelerates the inertia of the body during braking.
  • During a crash, it reduces the chance of injury or death.
  • Helps avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Drivers and passengers are required by law to wear seat belts while driving or traveling in a car.

How do seat belts protect us in a car accident?

The basic function of seat belts is keep you safe in your seat. This is important when the car is involved in an accident as it restricts its momentum. This protects you in many ways during a crash. After a collision, you can unlock the belt and get out when it’s safe.

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