See how these criminals stole a Bentley Continental GT by breaking a security gate (+Video)

Security cameras recorded the moment when criminals they stole a Bentley Continental GT from the house of a Drew Rosenhaus, a sports agent from South Florida.

The clip shows how the thieves raid the Rosenhaus property, proceed to enter the Continental GT and one of them puts it in reverse. With the vehicle unlocked, they find the keys inside, so they proceed to slam him into the security door.

“You can clearly see the video of them breaking in and stealing the car”, says the owner. “Three people, there’s a Mercedes-Benz that’s driving behind my car in the video, they went through the security gate. I’m glad I’m a person of notoriety who can draw attention to this. Miami Beach police have told me there’s a wave of these robberies, burglaries”.

Rosenhaus claims that he was asleep at the time the robbery took place. Authorities responded to a similar crime that same night.

I didn’t realize this was happening until the police came into my house, but if I had any idea they were breaking into my car, I would have come out with my gun and I don’t know what would have happened.Rosenhaus said. “I will protect my family at all costs.”

“I will do everything in my power to catch them. If you mess with the wrong person, the wrong family, the wrong neighborhood, we’ll put you behind bars.”, added the sports agent.

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