See the Autonomous Electric Baby Stroller That Wowed at CES 2023

The automotive industry is not the only thing seeking to move towards hands free driving Now, a Canadian company presented its autonomous technology to make life easier for parents.

Glüxkind Technologies presented his new smart stroller She” at CES 2023. A stroller that seeks to make life easier for people who take care of children, since it is capable of keeping up with the pace of an adult without the latter having to use their hands.

Those responsible for this product were Kevin Huang and Anne Hunger, and accompanied it with some warnings. The most important is that the responsible should keep their hands on the stroller if the baby is still inside, but She will move if she is empty.

So, for example, you have a newborn and he is crying. They want to be soothed and held”, Hunger explained to CTV News, “So the parents can do that: they have their two hands and their full attention for the child, and the stroller basically takes care of itself.”

hungry explains that the stroller works like an e-Bike, with electric motors, which can help an adult push it up a hill. These motors also move “Ella” back and forth to lull the baby to sleep.

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The battery is estimated to perform eight hours and recharges in four. Batteries can be removed and changed while recharging.

Huang and Hunger’s idea dates back to 2020, while they were expecting their first child. They also detailed that the stroller works with sensors and a 360º field of vision.

The big “but” with “She” is your US price$3,800, product of the expensive technology it integrates.

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