Selling a Junk Car: The 6 Best Junks for Junk Car Sales

Selling a Junk Car: The 6 Best Junks for Junk Car Sales

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If you have an old car and it’s falling apart, and possibly not even running, there are still plenty of companies that will pay you cash in a car junkie. So if you want sell your old carthen we bring you the best Junk for sale of junk cars:

The best junkies to sell wrecked cars

1. Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars, the best junk for sale of junk cars
Image courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – Cash for Cars, the best Junk for junk car sales

First we have to Cash for Carsto sell your car with them you must call 1-888-993-4420 or enter your car information using the form on the website. After accepting your offer (there is no time limit), the company will schedule a time to tow your car for free and deliver your check. Cash for Cars has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot.


Peddle, the best Junk for junk car sales
Image Courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – Peddle, Best Junk for Junk Car Sales

To sell your old car to peddle You can use their “get an instant offer” page, where you’ll enter your vehicle information and then if it suits you, accept a cash offer within seven days. Like other pages, Peddle will pick up your car and get paid. The page has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau site (non-accredited) and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.


Jrop, the best Junk for junk car sales
Image Courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – Jrop, Best Junk for Junk Car Sales

In addition to towing and roadside maintenance, jrop You can also buy your old car for cash. To do so you must call 866-600-5767 or get an offer online. After this, you will need to schedule a time to have your car picked up and receive payment. Jrop is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau (non-accredited), and employee reviews on GlassDoor speak favorably of Jrop.

4. Junk-A-Car

Junk A Car, the best Junk for junk car sales
Image courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – Junk A Car, the best Junks for junk car sales

Another page where you can sell your junk car is junk-a-car. With this, you will need to visit the website for a free quote or call 1-844-901-4392. Junk-A-Car will tow your car and pay you in cash when you pick it up. In the case of Junk-A-Car, it is not rated with the Better Business Bureau and it does not have a Trustpilot profile either.

5. 1-800 Cash for Junk Cars

1800 Cash for Junk Cars, the best Junk for junk car sales
Image courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – 1800 Cash for Junk Cars, the best Junk for junk car sales

You also have to 1-800-Cash for Junk Cars, which has 200 locations nationwide, and will give you cash for your old, wrecked, or non-running car. You just have to call 1-888-865-5597 or complete the vehicle information form through their website. In most cases, the company will pick up your vehicle the same day, free of charge. But proceed with caution in any case, as it is not rated by users.

6. Pick-n-Pull

Pick-n-Pull, the best Junks for junk car sales
Image Courtesy of Wealthy Single Mommy – Pick-n-Pull, Best Junk for Junk Car Sales

Finally, Pick-n-Pullwhich is a company that has been recycling old cars since 1987. To sell your old car, you will need to visit the “we buy cars” page and call 866-520-9750 or upload your auto information online to get a quote. Also, certain locations are eligible for a free tow; otherwise, you will need to drop off your car at your nearest Pick-n-Pull location. Checks are mailed or picked up/delivered. Pick-n-Pull has a D- rating on the BBB website (not accredited). Although the only review on Trustpilot says that the company is not “what it used to be”.

The best wrecked car buyers


best wrecked car buyers

If you ask yourselfwhere can i sell my broken down car? CarBrain is a great option for you. Well, it consists of a website of buying broken down cars quickly and without stress. In the same your offer will be guaranteed for 7 days, they will pick you up in 24-48 hours and they are considered as one of the car buyers in the USA.

The process is simple: provide details of your car in a form, the page engine will search for an ideal offer for you guaranteed during the 7 days mentioned and finally a date and time for delivery must be scheduled and payment received.

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2.Copart direct

best wrecked car buyers

Copart Direct is a business you will be happy to buy your wrecked car or damaged of various brands such as BMW, Hyundai, Toyota and more, all no matter how bad it is, It will not be necessary to make repairs of any kind. You can receive the payment in less than 24 hours with a suitable offer for you. To start the process, fill out the form on the website or call 1-888-833-2192

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best wrecked car buyers

Do you have a wrecked car after some mishap and the insurance company considers said car a total loss so you must find another solution? Don’t worry, Sellmax has for you:

  • Buy the vehicle regardless of condition.
  • Free quote in just a few minutes.
  • Service throughout the national territory.
  • Pick up scheduled at any time.
  • Free pick up at any time and place.

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best wrecked car buyers

It is a business with 10 years in business and close to 1,000,000 offers carried out that specializes in the fast purchase of damaged cars. with his online form, very friendly buyers and a national network of service providers, offer a quality and guaranteed service so that you can pick up your vehicle in a estimated time of 24 to 48 hours with a crane that will have no expense. You can receive a great offer in a short time of 90 seconds.

From the comfort of your home, you can carry out your operation in a process that consists of only 3 steps.

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best wrecked car buyers

It is a company that seeks to simplify the process of buying your vehicle as much as possible. They are backed by more than 35 years in the automotive industry buying wrecked cars of all kinds, even those considered total losses. They have 200 locations throughout the territory and their towing service is completely free. anywhere. It all starts by putting yourself in contact either through the number 1-800-227-2893 or by filling out the form.

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6. Cash Car Buyer

best wrecked car buyers

Cash Cars Buyer represents one of the best options to sell your junk car at a great price. They buy cars quickly while you get the amount of money you expect. It’s hard to find a reputable place these days where you can get cash for a car that is practically considered junk but with this business it is not like that, because apart from a quick processalso gives you a reliable service to save time and money on unnecessary repairs. His number is 773-791-4363 in which you can get a free estimate.

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best wrecked car buyers

It is one of the largest buyers of damaged vehicles with a wide network with which you can get a competitive offer in which they will pay you in cash for your car, truck or SUV, all this regardless of where you are. From a rollover to a Range Rover, it is a company that has paid up to US 35,000 for crashed cars or in very bad condition. including Jaguars or Maserati.

It works in the following way:

  • Fill out the form to speak with a live agent and receive an immediate cash offer
  • Provide vehicle identification number (VIN), miles, and trim/style
  • Email photos to [email protected]
  • One of our car buying advisors will get back to you quickly with a cash offer.

And if you feel confident that the company will go for you, there is a solution for it, since They are associated with the top 3 vehicle remarketing agencies worldwide.

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best wrecked car buyers

Regardless of the state of the vehicle you want to sell, Cars.IAAI can buy it from you at any of its 150 locations.

The process is easy and you can either take the vehicle to any of the locations yourself or they can offer you a free towing service. If you want to sell your wrecked car of any make, model or year, call with confidence at 8774535788 and you will be assisted by specialists who will guide you in your process.

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best wrecked car buyers

It is another of the great options to sell your wrecked car in which you will get a good profit in exchange for it and you can obtain your quote comfortably today if you wish. The whole process is simple, just make the assessment without cost, then they go and pick up the car in a simple and finally you will receive the money. If you have any question you can call 8889262195.

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10.Junk car masters

best wrecked car buyers

You can through this company that has More than 10 years of experiencesell your car easily in a simple process consisting of 4 steps: Give details of the car and a photo if necessary, request online the most suitable offer for you and that will be guaranteed, then if you agree with the offer then you accept it and finally You will receive your payment between 24 and 48 hours. All with the best prices and with Free towing throughout the national territory.

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Apart from the Junk pages mentioned, there are other places where you can sell your junk car, such as:


Recycling companies may buy your car to recycle its parts. Remember to check local reviews or ask family and friends for companies they have used for this service.

salvage yards

You can also choose to sell your old car to a junkyard. You should do this by calling your local salvage yards and comparing offers to make sure you get a fair deal. Also remember to check the reviews.

How much is my junk car worth?

Your junk car could be worth more than you think. On average, you could win between US$100 and US$500 for a junk car based on its scrap value.

For exact pricing, you can get a free instant quote from Peddle or check with your local salvage or junkyard. Just be sure to shop around for the best price and research the company for other customer experiences.

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