Sensitive video: 6-year-old girl is run over by a pipe truck in Viguera, Mexico

Some witnesses of the terrible event shared the video through social networks lamenting what happened.

During the afternoon of this Tuesday, a security video was broadcast through social networks showing the exact moment in which a girl was run over by a water pipe in the jurisdiction of the Trinity of Viguera.

According to the first information that was given to the press, the events occurred last Thursday, October 27, at about 08:56 in the morning, in the Inner Circuit with private San José, at the height of the place Saint Andrew of Viguera.

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The material, which is circulating on the internet, shows that on the avenue towards New town a company bus circulates tucdosa that circulated on the right lane of the Internal Circuit from the Esmeralda subdivision, which stopped to attend a stop.

At that moment, Mrs. Cristina MN. who walks with two children, including the girl Keili RL, who goes hand in hand with his little brother.

The three they tried to cross the street without noticing the presence of the truck white tanker type that was circulating on the left lane at high speed.

The lady managed to stop, but her grandchildren kept running and the girl let go of her little brother’s hand so she was run over by the pipe what happened to him.

Editorial GossipVehicle. With information from Impartial Oaxaca.

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