Shocking accident of Lamborghini Huracan Twin-Turbo: it crashes into the wall in the middle of the race and it does not end there (+ Video)

Shocking accident of Lamborghini Huracan Twin-Turbo
Shocking accident of Lamborghini Huracan Twin-Turbo

A Lamborghini Huracan Twin-Turbo which reportedly generates 2,000 hp was destroyed after a shocking accident during a drag racing event in Sydney, Australia.

Footage of the incident shows the Italian supercar lining up alongside another car and starting a spin as it accelerated down the straight at Sydney Motorsport Park as part of an endurance race.

Shocking accident of Lamborghini Huracan Twin-Turbo

The Lamborghini initially pulls away well, however as speed increases the rear wheels begin to lose traction and the car yaws violently to the right causing it to crash against the protection barrier steel to the side of the track. The force of this impact bounced the car onto the tarmac where it proceeded to slide backwards and into the barrier.

Some images taken after the accident reveal the extent of the damage caused: the front Hurricane modified was completely destroyed with the hood almost completely torn off, in addition, the bumper, grille and windshield were smashed.

The damage to the rear of the car is just as extensive and you can see that the carbon fiber diffuser has been ripped off. Also, a rear quarter panel is badly dented and the taillights have been destroyed. It seems that the driver of the car, fortunately, escaped the crash without injury.

According to Sky News, said driver was Mohammad Alameddine, who is believed to be related to the Alameddine crime family and the Comanchero motorcycle gang. On the other hand, it is unlikely that he will be able to repair himself. Lamborghini And, in all likelihood, the owner could just replace it with another exotic vehicle.


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