Shocking: video captures Russian military plane crashing into a building and leaves 13 dead

An impressive taken from the camera of a vehicle shows the Russian military aircraft collision Su-34 model against a residential building in the region of Yeisk, in southwestern Russia, on October 17, causing 13 deaths.

The clip, which was recently shared, captures the moment of impact as well as the ejection of the crew from the aircraft. The pilots are shot out of parachutes seconds before the incident.

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The Russian authorities reported that the cause of the accident was a engine failure shortly after taking off on a training flight. Rescuers managed to save 68 people from the rubble of the residential building.

The record coincides with the accident this Sunday in Siberia, where another Su-30 model fighter crashed into a home in the city of Irkutsk, killing two pilots.

This was also raised during a test flight, as expressed by the Emergency Situations collected by the TASS agency.

The local governor, Igor Kozin, went to the place to evaluate the situation in person, as reported on his Telegram account.

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