Shocking video: neighbors lynched a young man who tried to steal a motorcycle in La Plata, Argentina “They are killing him!”


thief is caught by neighbours from La Plata, Argentina after trying to steal a motorcycle, he is beaten and recorded on video.

Neighbors lynch thief for attempted robbery

On Monday night in the city of La Plata, two anti-socials tried to steal a motorcycle that was parked, however the neighbors realized the fact and caught one of the thieves, to beat him tremendously.

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The event occurred at 9:00 p.m. at the corner of 12th and 56th streets, one of the local merchants recorded the episode of violence.

One of the criminals fled but the other received blows everywhere. While one man holds the thief, the rest hit him with their fists and kicks.

Some of those present requested that they stop beating him: “They’re killing him!”yelled a woman.

To which a man replied: “Look how the motorcycle was stolen, we work and you defend him.” As the incident became more violent, some merchants intercepted it and left it by the side of the road until the authorities arrived.

After the event, the officials arrested the subject and presented him to the prosecutor’s office. Another case leads us to a criminal who stole the wallet of a woman who was doing the market, for which he was unable to escape.

In the middle fruit and vegetable marketer located in Tapiales, the security cameras of the place recorded how the people present lynched the thief.

After taking the wallet from a woman who was buying in the place, the merchants saw him running and noticed that something was not right.

The merchants placed things so that the criminal could not escape. The scene ended with the merchants and other shoppers beating the thief tremendously.

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