Skoda Fabia Gets All-Electric Replacement Later This Decade

After discontinuing Citigo about two years ago, the Fabia is currently Skoda’s smallest model on the European market. It is a practical vehicle with intelligent interior solutions, which is one of the best-selling nameplates in its segment. However, it seems that the future of Fabia’s name is uncertain.

Czech company boss Klaus Zellmer recently spoke to media representatives during the debut of the Vision 7S concept. Zellmer confirmed for Autocar an all-electric successor to the Fabia is already in development, although it doesn’t look likely to be ready for market launch before the last quarter of the decade.

“The Fabia at its price position will be replaced by a battery-electric vehicle and we are working on that,” Zellmer said. β€œThe biggest challenge today is the cost of battery-electric vehicles, especially when producing cars [the size of] Fabia. We have to be a little patient.”

The British publication reports the new all-electric model will likely be based on Volkswagen’s entry version MEB architecture. It will be one of the last electric vehicles from VAG to be supported by the platform before the conglomerate moves to the new SSP platform.

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In terms of design, the Fabia successor will reportedly feature Skoda’s new design language previewed by the Vision 7S concept. This may mean the new model could look a little more like a small crossover than classic hatchbacks like the current Fabia.

For now, it is not known whether this new EV will use the Fabia name. Skoda is looking to move to an all-electric model lineup by the end of the decade and may decide to give some of its zero-emissions models new names historically unrelated to brands like Fabia.

During the debut event in Prague, Autocar According to reports, Zellmer also confirmed Skoda will launch a production version of the Vision 7S concept later this decade along with an urban EV and crossover. Shortly after, two more battery-powered vehicles will be launched, including the successor to the Fabia.

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