Skoda Kodiaq 2023 Vs Nissan S-Trail 2023 Which is the best in the Spanish market?

In this article we tell you which of these two car models is the best to buy in Spain: Skoda Kodiaq 2023 either Nissan X Trail 2023.

Skoda Kodiaq 2023 or Nissan X-Trail 2023: Which is the best?

The big ones SUVs that have seven seats are not sold enough at the moment, so advertising any new model is key to offers in the market. With the arrival of Nissan X Trail 2023a comparison with the skoda kodiaq it’s interesting.

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Although the two SUVs are similar in design, they have some features that differentiate them from each other.


The Skoda It has a neutral design that does not draw too much attention, because it does not present updates it seems to have stayed in time what weighs in years of appearance. Its aesthetics do not stand out much and it has been in the automotive market for a long time.


The nissanon the other hand, is a “fresh cake” fresh from the oven, which constantly adopts an updated design based on the most recent launches of the firm, showing a robust front, defined features and impressive aesthetics.


Both units are large (required to enable seven seats inside), however it is the Kodiaq It surpasses its rival in size less in height, which is below the Nissan X-Trail.

The Skoda is 4.69 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.67 meters high, his opponent is 4.68 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.72 meters tall.

The squares of the third row of seats they are made for average occupants in terms of size. If we refer to the trunk of these units: the Skoda offers 560 liters and the X Trail 575, if the 7 places are enabled.


When we refer to mechanics, the skoda kodiaq shows conventional combustion engines, and in the nissan they are smaller and have electrification of some kind.

The Kodiaq range has 150 and 200 hp diesel enginesalong with three petrol blocks of 150, 190 and 245 CV, associated with the RS version only. It does not have any type of electrification, so it does not have the DGT zero emissions label.


The X-Trail 2023, will be sold in three mechanical variants. The access is a 160 hp microhybrid and the two superior ones, 204 hp (4×2) and 213 hp (4×4) use the e-POWER systemwhere a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine works as generator for electric motor, activating the wheels.


If we talk about price there is a huge difference between both models, the skoda kodiaq It has an initial price of 32,100 euros and the new nissan cheaper is at 44,460 euros. Except for microhybridization, not much difference in potency is observed.

So, which is the best purchase option?

Based on your acquisition ideals, the Kodiaq it is the cheapest option, offering a variety of choices but without an electric variant, so it will present certain inconveniences to drive it in certain cities.

The X Trailit is a totally new and electric model, a point in favor, however it is a somewhat expensive model, it only carries the eco label.

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