Soccer player Luismi, CD Fuentes player, died in a traffic accident in Zaragoza

Soccer player Luismi died in a traffic accident
Image courtesy of Cuatro – Soccer player Luismi died in a traffic accident

Soccer player Luis Miguel López, better known as luismi, died in a traffic accident that took place at night on December 8 on the N-232, in the municipality of Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain. Luismi played for CD Fuentes, a club in the Regional Preferred category.

The accident where he lost his life occurred as a result of a frontal collision with another vehicle. From the club where he was a member, they have shown themselves via Twitter as “absolutely shocked” by the death of the 23-year-old.

Soccer player Luismi died in a traffic accident

As mentioned, the traffic accident in which the young soccer player died occurred after two vehicles collided head-on, one of which was driving luismi. According to the Civil Guard, the incident took place at kilometer 214 of the N-232. This is a section under construction as part of the road widening project.

After carrying out the pertinent breathalyzer tests on the other driver, it was determined that he was driving with alcohol positive rates. The Civil Guard traffic group is carrying out the proceedings regarding the accident, which will be made available to the judge, according to what was reported by the armed institute.

It is worth mentioning that CD Fuentes was recently national news for its confrontation with the Osasuna club, from the First Division, for the Copa del Rey. Said game was in favor of Osasuna 4 to 1 more or less a month ago. Because of their confrontation, the Navarrese club has posted images through networks where they observe a minute of silence for the footballer prior to his training this morning.


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