Someone Has Slipped Out The Design Of Lamborghini's New Supercar, And It's A Potpourri Of Different Models

Someone Has Slipped Out The Design Of Lamborghini’s New Supercar, And It’s A Potpourri Of Different Models

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One of the biggest unknowns in the contemporary supercar segment is the replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador, a car that was active for 11 long years, marking a before and after. And that has caused the movements of those from Sant’Agata Bolognese to be closely monitored, to the point that not only the design of what will be the successor to the Aventador has been leaked, but also the first carrier of a hybrid V12 in the brandwith permission from Sián.

And just like what happened when the Aventador was introduced back in 2011 with clear features inherited from the Reventón, this new offspring inevitably obtains elements typical of some special editions. Thus, the new Italian supercar greets us ahead of time and perhaps not by carelessness -although the brand insists that it was not intentionally-, since the images are in the WIPO -World Intellectual Property Organization-.

The successor to the Lamborghini Aventador is shown ahead of time, and will be seasoned by different models

What is clear is that the new member of Lamborghini will continue to shout from all four sides to which firm it belongs. It achieves this with angular, dry and very marked lines, a design language that is emphasized with points that it receives, fundamentally, from models such as the Sián or the Centenario.

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Thus, the front has been seasoned by thin, elongated and sharp headlights that remind those that presented at the time the Sián. These present a lying “T” shape with LED technology to surround the headlight itself, thus covering a very marked defense that ends in the shape of a fang pointing upwards.

On the side, on the contrary, we come across a clearer inspiration in the Centenary. This is demonstrated by the width of the rear wing, which leaves a hole designed to cool the engine and, incidentally, continue to shape that very marked and dry design. And in this way the rear also reminds us of the one that was conceived to commemorate the 100 that Ferruccio Lamborghini would have fulfilled back in 2016.

We see this reflected in some thin and elongated rear lights that take the shape of a “Y” in a horizontal position. As a novelty, the successor to the Aventador boasts of a double central upper exhaust outletthus allowing the settlement of a generously sized diffuser that covers the entire lower part of the hand with four vertical slats.

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The cabin will also present important innovations but, for the moment, it has not been shown, and of course it is positioned in a secondary plane compared to the one that is the undisputed protagonist. And this is none other than his engine, an atmospheric V12 with still unknown benefits but which It will be supported by an electric motor. to, fundamentally, increase power.

In this way, it is feasible that the successor to the Lamborghini Aventador overcome the barrier of 800 hp as long as the electrical section has sufficient energy. In turn, it is expected that the engineers of the firm of the bull have advocated on this occasion for a dual-clutch automatic transmission, providing their new supercar with greater efficiency.

Be that as it may, everything indicates that It will be throughout this 2023 when Lamborghini carries out the coming-out which promises to mark a before and after. And it is that the Italian firm already announced with the arrival of the Huracán Sterrato that we were facing its latest completely combustion model, so we already know what that means.

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