Someone has solved the abusive minimalism of Tesla cars (+ video)

Someone has solved the abusive minimalism of Tesla cars (+ video)

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If there is something that we have been denouncing for a long time, not only motoring journalists, but also the clients themselves, it is the abusive and unnecessary minimalism in cars. And it is that the increasingly reduced presence of physical buttons does not do any favors, quite the contrary, and one of the brands that has cut its losses has been Tesla. But someone has taken action on the matter, and has created physical controllers for Elon Musk’s models They do not require any physical connection.

That someone -or rather company- is Greenmission, a Norwegian company that has developed what he has named Ctrl-Bar. These are six physical controls designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, two of the best-selling models of the American firm in Norway, which is why this ingenious system is in high demand.

Tesla’s absurd minimalism could fall apart with this invention

And it is that it is not for less that these solutions are born, especially when we find cars in which every function is integrated into a 15-inch screen that does not offer a single physical control. Thus, Greenmission poses quite an ingenious system but still has a long way to go.

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We are talking about four physical buttons installed just below the screen. The two dials have the function of regulating the temperature, while the four buttons can vary their function to suit the driver. In addition, these do not require a physical connection with the car, but they act commanded by the Tesla application.

This allows its user to flirt with almost any car function, and the buttons are connected via bluetooth with our mobile phone. This causes that there is a small delay between the moment in which we activate the physical control and the response takes place. Be that as it may, from the company they assure that they continue working on improving the system and that it will adapt to the updates that Tesla models experience.

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