Someone is already going to modify the most mythical muscle car, and it has not even stepped on the road yet

Someone is already going to modify the most mythical muscle car, and it has not even stepped on the road yet

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That the preparers are rubbing their hands with the arrival of the new Ford Mustang is a reality, but that there is already someone who has thrown his glove at it is hard to believe. But the truth is that this has happened courtesy of the people of RTR, who has already been able to modify the most mythical muscle car even before it has hit the streets, although yes, keeping a lot of mystery around.

And it is that the North American firm Ready To Rock, better known as RTR, is a specialist in modifying Ford models. This makes it clear not only with the previous generation of the Mustang, but also with other models such as the Ford Bronco or the Ranger, but what has taken us by surprise is that they have already been able to play with the new Mustang, although without revealing how it has changed.

RTR has already been able to modify the new Ford Mustang

As RTR has shared on its social networks, a unit of the internally known S650 has fallen through its facilities and encourages its public to make suggestions about what they should do to it. although a lot we find it hard to believe that the preparer does not have any plans for the Ford Mustang latest batch both aesthetically and mechanically speaking.

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And it is that although it is true that RTR offered and offers aesthetic kits for the oval sports car, it also had modifications for the large-caliber engine. So much so, that the preparer offered volumetric compressor kits for the Ford Mustang, and everything indicates that it will continue to be so with this seventh installment in the hands of enhancements that could reach 1,000 CV without too many difficulties.

In this case, the current 480 hp Ford Mustang GT will require not only a more aggressive and imposing aesthetic as RTR has accustomed us, but also suspension and brake adjustments, among other elements. And it is that, with the permission of the future Shelby GT500, we are possibly before the beginning of the creation of the most powerful Mustang of all time.

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