SPAIN – 28-year-old girl dies run over on the M-40, in Pozuelo after getting out of her car after an accident


28 year old dies run over in Pozuelo, Spain after getting out of his car with the respective reflective vest on.

Young woman dies run over after traffic accident on the M-40

This Tuesday, a 28-year-old driver lost her life, when she was run over for getting out of her car to indicate an accident on the M-40 ring road, at the height of the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, when a third car hit her. impact.


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The woman got out of her car after the accident with her reflective vest on, according to the authorities of Emergencies Community of Madrid-112.


At kilometer 37 of the aforementioned road at 08:30 a.m., in the middle of rush hour, the accident occurred, for which the road was closed, making traffic slow.

Firefighters from the Community of Madrid removed the body of the woman who was trapped under the car that ran over her.

The physicians of the summa 112 confirmed her death, but so far she has not been identified.

The Pozuelo de Alarcón Emergency Service (SEAPA) he had to help one of the witnesses for presenting anxiety after the accident.

The Civil Guard is in charge of carrying out the investigations of the event that has left a fatal victim.

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