Spain: A car overturns and burns in CV-20 in Onda (+VIDEO)

This November 29 the video of a traffic accident in onda It has gone viral on social media. It was due to the overturning of a vehicle on the CV-20 that ended up on fire.

Product of accident two people get hurt as a result of the event.

The firefighters from the Plana Baixa and Espadà-Millars parks arrived at the scene, in front of the company Royal Wave, as reported on his Twitter account.

The CICU mobilized a SAMU unit and a SVB unit. a subject of 46 years old was transferred against thoracic to the hospital The Plan of Vila-real, in the SVB ambulance.

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Likewise, an 18-year-old youth has been referred for multiple trauma to the same care center in the SAMU ambulance.

According to the newspaper, citing municipal sources, the accident occurred after a collision between a vehicle and an unknown object. It ended up overturned and caught fire.

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