Spain: Biker and driver fight in the middle of Sardenya street, Barcelona (+Video)

This Wednesday an act of violence took place in broad daylight in the center of Barcelona, ​​Spain, after a heated traffic argument came to blows on public roads

The video is broadcast by Social Drive and it has gone viral on social media. In the clip you can see a motorcyclist and to driver of a tourist argue. In fact, the motorcyclist repeatedly hits the glass of the car and tries to break his rearview mirror.

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Neither short nor lazy, the driver gets out of his vehicle to give his rival a couple of blows to the head, although he probably did not feel anything, since he was wearing a helmet. According to users who comment on the post, the incident was registered in the Sardinia street.

Unfortunately, Social Drive does not provide more information about the fact, but it can be speculated that did not get older.

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