Spain: Bus driver prevents a disabled person from entering Barcelona (+VIDEO)

The bus driver It has gone viral for preventing a driver from entering the vehicle man in a wheelchair The protagonists of the incident held a heated discussion, because the bus driver argues that the ramp is damaged and for that reason it cannot facilitate the entrance to him.

The transport unit belongs to the line B14 of the company tusgsal and the incident was recorded in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona.

The company said that “is in the process of internal investigation to clarify what happenedยป to the CatalunyaPress portal.

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In the clip, some passengers are also observed mediating, and in response to the demands of the disabled man, they remind him that “The ramp doesn’t work.

This can be seen in the last moments of the video, as the ramp is deployed but not maintained to allow users to enter.

The driver tries to leave with the bus, but the man blocks the entrance and prevents him from leaving, causing an argument. “Fuck you, jerk! you have me up to the ballsโ€, shouts the bus driver.

He also comments that he “ate” a complaint because of his “whore fault.” ยซNow I do insult you, not like the other day“, keep going. This suggests that the previous complaint caused you problems.

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