Spain – Collision between two vehicles leaves balance of two injured in Murcia: one is in serious condition

A collision between a truck and a car caused a serious accident that left two people injured. One of them is in critical condition.

During the morning of this Friday in the city of Murcia, local media reported that two people were injured after colliding a truck tractor head with a passenger car at the intersection of highway A-30 with the El Palmar-Alcantarilla road.

In the first information report released, it was learned that the The Emergency Coordination Center received a call alerting the incident at 9:34 a.m.. Immediately after they moved to the scene of the 061 health incident and nine firefighters from Parque del Infante to carry out damage control.

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For their part, firefighters they had to rescue the driver of the vehicle, who was trapped inside. After being treated ‘in situ’, The wounded man was rushed to the ICU of the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital..

Also, it was confirmed that the truck driver also had to be treated and stabilized ‘in situ’though his injuries were not serious. Later, he was transferred to Hospital Morales Meseguer in a non-assistance ambulance.

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