Spain: DGT will no longer send any paper fines to companies from now on


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) will not send more paper fines to companies from the month of November.

Paper fines are no longer in force by the DGT in Spain

Opening the mailbox every morning when you are a driver is something terrifying, because receiving tickets is not pleasant. Filling with suspense the notifications of the administrative entity to go to the Post Office.

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However, as of this month of November, for legal persons, the body will stop sending physical notifications on paper and will make notifications through a new figure: the Road Electronic Address (DEV).

By ‘legal person’ it is understood «legal figure where the existence of an individual with rights and obligations is generated, but who is not a citizen. It is about an institution, an organization or a company that follows some social purpose, with or without profit.

This modification affects companies, although if they do not register as of November 1, it will be the administration that manages their registration ex officio. A large number of company managers are unaware of this change in sanctions so it can present an inconvenience, which does not exempt from paying the infractions that the auto have committed.

From now on, the payment procedure created by the DGT for violations is as follows:

  • If it is not downloaded in time, it expires
  • If it expires, it cannot be downloaded and is considered to have been received correctly.
  • When considered received, the deadlines to answer begin to count (10/20 days)
  • If you do not answer within that period, a non-compliance / penalty is generated
  • The penalties can be up to three times the amount of the initial communication and will be seized by the Treasury.

As this legislative change can generate controversy in its beginnings, the DGT It has not carried out any communication campaign about the new management of fines, so many people are unaware.

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