Spain – Drunken priest causes accident in Valencia: he blames mass wine

Drunk priest caused an accident in Valencia
Image courtesy of Las Provincias – Drunk priest caused an accident in Valencia

A particular event took place last Saturday December 10 in Valenciaand it is that, a drunk priest caused an accident transit and justified that his state of drunkenness was due to nothing more and nothing less than the mass wine. Regarding the traffic accident, in which five cars were involved, the aforementioned priest was under the influence of alcohol and collided his car against five others, blaming the wine ingested during the previous liturgy.

The event took place last Saturday in the Monteolivete neighborhood in Valencia. As a result of the accident, a Local Police patrol went to the scene and carried out the respective breathalyzer test on the driver. The priest gave a result of 0.54 mg/l of alcohol in the blood, according to sources close to the investigation to local media. As a result of the fact, an administrative file has been opened for the priest.

Drunk priest had an accident in Valencia

In addition, according to the same sources, the priest was fined and the events led to the loss of four points from his driving license. On the other hand, the witnesses present who were in nearby places affirmed that the priest regretted the acts and damages caused.

Presumably, the crash would have occurred because the priest was driving at excessive speed while talking on the phone, in addition to the effects that the drink could have caused.

The priest reiterated that it was all because of a mass that he held moments before, however, it should be remembered that the maximum allowed blood alcohol level is 0.5g/l.

Image courtesy of La Sexta – Drunk priest caused an accident in Valencia


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