Spain: health worker had to travel by Uber to cover an emergency case in Madrid

Due to the crisis due to the lack of toilets in Madrid, they have been forced on several occasions to use Uber to travel to different places to deal with emergencies.

Given the current crisis in the health sector in Spain, The Community of Madrid has hired Uber vehicles to move the toilets. One reported case was that of Alfredo, a nurse with more than 35 years of experience who was in Campo Real and with the reorganization it has ended up in Vallecas.

It was this same Wednesday he received a call: “They were going to relocate me to the Villarejo de Salvanés center because there had been an incident and they didn’t have an infirmary. An hour before I joined, they notified me by phone.”

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As a result of this situation, which was already very complicated, Alfredo reported that he had no way of getting there in a private car. For this reason, the Community of Madrid provided him with a VTC vehicle. «I saw that I had no possibility of moving and they did not give me any problem in getting an Uber to go to Villarejo de Salvanés, 60 kilometers from Madrid. It took us about 45 minutes, approximately»tells this toilet.

And, really, the case of Alfredo is not the only one that Radio Madrid has had access to in the last few hours. To another toilet named Veronica, They transferred him from the Orcasitas neighborhood to the Villaverde neighborhood. He did not accept the Uber. However, while he was on duty, this service provided by the community of Madrid was used, specifically to transfer toner from a printer.

«In the guard, a guard was sent to look for a toner from a printer to another center, because the printers have been separated for two years and odds. As we were only nurses, in order to print the report of a patient to be transferred to another center, we needed a printer. That’s why he moved to the caretaker »says Veronica.

The cases of Alfredo and Verónica are two specific experiences. But this Wednesday’s global data, according to the SAR platform, reflects a general problem: the lack of toilets.

Another curious case is the one seen in Campo Real: They moved from there a doctor and a caretaker to Villarejo de Salvanés. To cover the casualties, they brought in a doctor from Morata de Tajuña. But it is that later the guard transferred to Villarejo returns to Campo Real, because another professional had already arrived at the first location.

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