Spain: More than a dozen cars fined in a special operation in the Beiramar tunnel, Vigo

This Saturday December 10 in Vigo the drivers had irresponsible attitudes and amazing. Many tourists, mostly from Portugal, parked on an access ramp to the Beiramar tunnel.

“We had never experienced anything like this, in life”, the local police officer from vigo told FARO before what was happening.

The response of the security forces did not wait. Three patrols went to the place from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. to penalize 17 improperly parked drivers.

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They all received a fine of 200 euros. According to Faro de Vigo, 15 of those involved were tourists from Portugal, so they had to pay the fine on the spot and three of them 140 euros more.

The overbooking of the deposit in the face of the avalanche of infractions complicated the withdrawal of the cars, aggravating the situation.

In other areas of the city, the police had to come to the rescue of some buses that had been trapped, one of them in San Amaro street by the mass of parked vehicles.

The aforementioned source warns that they could start using the tow truck in these cases if the Portuguese visitors respond with “no problem, I lose that money but you have my car parked”.

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