Spain: Police shoot at a vehicle that skips a control at the gates of a school in Alcorcón

Members of the Alarcón Police fired multiple shots at a Mercedes car that was had jumped a control and that it circulated in a direction prohibited in the town.

The incident occurred at 5:35 p.m. at the gates of the school God’s Love, located in the neighborhood Alarcón Lisbon Park. Madrid.

The authorities reported that one of the occupants were detained, while the driver escaped. After the fact, no one was injured. The man arrested He is originally from Morocco and he is 26 years old-

According to the National Police, several mobile phones were located in the trunk of the vehicle. An investigation is underway to determine if the devices are stolen. As for the vehicle, it lacks insurance and it had not passed the ITV either.

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The vehicle in question had tried to jump a checkpoint by fleeing in a prohibited direction along Santiago Compostela street, according to the videos released.

The agents fired up to six times at the wheels of the suspect vehicle, without it stopping.

The co-pilot was taken to the Alcorcón Hospital with minor injuries, while the driver managed to escape arrest after struggling with two agents. This person has not been identified.

According to official sources, at the time of the shooting the students had already left the educational unit, although there were a few in private classes.

“This area is very crowded and many people pass through here, but today with the rain at that time there were not many pedestrians.“said a store clerk.

For its part, the version of the City Council is that the police stopped, but the occupants refused to stop.

«In that street they have collided with a vehicle that a woman was driving. Given the impossibility of continuing, they have begun to drive in reverse trying to run over the agents, which is why the Municipal Police have fired shots at the wheels of the fleeing vehicle in order to stop it from moving and to arrest the occupants. There have been no injuries and one person has been arrested“, indicated the Alcorcón City Council.

My congratulations to the Municipal Police for their effectiveness and professionalism in the pursuit and arrest of suspected criminals in Parque Lisboa de Alcorcón, without having to regret personal and material damage. Providing human and material resources, results are obtained“Added the mayoress on her Twitter account.

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