Spain: they denounce that the patrol cars of the Balearic Police have “numerous damages” for years

The Balearic UFP has made a notice about the poor conditions of their security vehicles due to the lack of change and maintenance of them.

In recent information the Federal Union of Police (UFP) of the Balearic Islands has given an alert about the lack of police vehicles «in decent condition» in the radio patrol group of the Police Headquarters of the Islandsan incident that, as they have assured, “It has been in production since before summer.”

The union announced to the press that, despite the various meetings held, it is a problem that “Still unresolved.”

In this way they have regretted that, in Palma, the police are patrolling with cars that are approximately two decades old, “All this due to the numerous accidents and breakdowns that occur in vehicles, which take a long time to repair or solve.”

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They also affirmed that the cars are not in conditions to be transported due to the “numerous flaws” they have after so many years of use.

In fact, “part of these flaws implies that twice as many human resources have to be used to carry out certain tasks and cover those deficiencies”, they have insisted from UFP.

It is for this reason that the trade union organization has asked the General Directorate of Police to provide the necessary means to provide the Superior Headquarters of the Balearic Islands “with worthy vehicles» and to replace the ones that are being used now, “that do not meet fairly decent conditions to be used”.

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