Spain: They record seven men in a car launching fireworks in Murcia

Spain: They record seven men in a car launching fireworks in Murcia

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Trucker couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing, so he decided to record it. A group of seven men on top of a moving vehicle in Barranda, Murcia.

It is about a group of subjects, mostly in work clothes, driving around in an SUV. These preferred to travel mounted on the hood and roof, instead of the seats, and thus they travel the streets.

The trucker dedicated himself to recording the scene while laughing a little. The tone changes when he notices that the subjects start throwing firecrackers, as well as different fireworks that burn and explode when other vehicles pass by.

“They go wild”, the trucker is heard, while verifying that among the rockets there are some wheelbarrows, obstructing the movement of other vehicles.

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It highlights not only the danger for the occupants of the SUV, but also for the rest of the driver, the General Directorate of Traffic points out that according to the regulations, «Throw onto the road or in its vicinity any object that could cause traffic accidents” is sanctioned with the loss of six points of the card and between 300 and 3,000 euros in the case of minor offences.

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