Spain: Trucker is stabbed after arguing with passengers of another vehicle in Murcia

This Saturday, January 7, a 48-year-old trucker was stabbed with a knife after leading an argument with the occupants of a car in Cartagena. The Emergency Health Services transferred the victim to a local hospital.

At 7:10 a.m. there was a call to the Emergency Coordination Center “1-1-2” reporting a man bleeding from a cut in the abdomen, in the Cabezo Baeza industrial estate in Cartagena.

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The 48-year-old subject was apparently a trucker on his way to unload a hypermarket when argued with occupants of another vehicle. This would escalate to the point that the perpetrators gave him a knife in the abdomen and they fled.

The place was attended by police officers from Cartagena, who managed to locate the offender and a unit of the 061 Health Emergencies and Emergencies Management was in charge of transferring the injured person to the Santa Lucia General University Hospital of Cartagena.

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