Spanish chef Enrique Garcerán suffered an asthma attack before the fatal accident according to relatives

spanish chef Enrique Garceran was in poor health, a possible asthma attack It could be the cause of your traffic accident.

An asthma attack could have caused Garcerán’s death

The renowned Spanish chef, Enrique Garceran 34 years old, died in a tragic road accident on Juan Ponce de León avenue in the Las Delicias de Ponce urbanization at 11:03 pm. Garcerán was traveling in a Jeep Gladiator at a speed that prevented him from maintaining control of his unit.

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According to the owner of the restaurant Nispero, Javier BustilloMinutes before losing his life, the chef told him through a phone call that he was having a severe asthma attack and that he was on his way to the hospital.

However, the chef was never treated, because he hit a tree and then was shot against a fence of a residence.


Garceran I study in the Cordon Bleu Schoolwhere he got the Grand Diploma in culinary arts. Businessman Abel Misla took him to Puerto Rico to work in the restaurant Balearic Islands of the Hotel Melia de Ponce.

The chef’s family will go to Puerto Rico so that their respects can be paid to his widow and children, and then he will be transferred to Spain where he will receive a holy burial.

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