Spanish Civil Guard investigates a motorcycle driver who was traveling at 117 km/h on a conventional road in Valencia

A motorcyclist is being investigated by the Civil Guard after breaking the 80 km/h rule on a conventional road in Valencia.

This Thursday, the Civil Guard reported that it is investigating the driver of a motorcycle which was detected by radar equipment when circIt was traveling at 177 kilometers per hour on a conventional road limited to 80, in the services established to guarantee road safety on access roads to the Circuit of Cheste of Valenciawhere the Motul Motorcycle Grand Prix.

According to what the armed institute has reported in a statement, the motorcycle was detected around 8:30 a.m. on November 5 by the Traffic Subsector of the Valencia Civil Guard.

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After the authorities could identify the driver of the vehicleare now conducting an investigation for a crime against road safety after it exceeded the permitted speed by more than 80 km/h on interurban roads.

The Criminal Code provides for various prison sentences of up to six months and deprivation of the right to drive up to four years for these types of crimes.

It is expected that they will soon give more details to the press of what happened.

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