Spy images of the Renault Grand Austral, a model with three rows of seats

The Renault Austral it only debuted in 2022 to replace the Kadjar, but now the firm is developing a version larger with a third row seats.

Reports indicate that the new model will have the name of Grand Austral either Austral Escape.

This was captured with a camouflage wrap throughout the bodywork, but some details are recognizable. The headlights are identical to the Austral and there are similarities in the grille and lower fascia. The camouflage does not allow to distinguish big changes in the design.

From the side, you can see that it is a longer model than its predecessor. While rear overhang is longer to have a extra space in the cabin. The rear section has a squarer appearance.

In the rear area, it shares the lights in the form of a support with the existing model. Both have bumpers that hide the exhaust pipes. The larger model’s hatchback has a more upright stance.

Regarding the engine, the larger Austral shares engines with the current model. This means that there is a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.2 liters with mild hybrid assistance that generates 130HP.

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A mild hybrid 1.3-liter four-cylinder is also available, offering 140HP with a six-speed manual transmission or 160 hp with the automatic transmission. The E-Tech Hybrid has a 1.2-liter block with 160 hp or 200 hp.

The Escape name is reserved by the French firm for minivans. However, they are becoming more common for people on the go.

For now it is unknown when this larger variant of the Austral will be presented. If we have to speculate, it would be in 2023.

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