Subaru recalls more than a quarter of a million Ascents due to fire risk

Subaru is recalling the market 271,694 SUV Ascent by fire irrigation for problems with electric connections with the heater. The models that are withdrawn are from 2019 to 2022.

The problem itself is with a ground bolt connecting the ground terminal for the Heater positive temperature coefficient of the car. This is a electric heater which is used to deliver heat to the cabin before the engine warms up.

this bolt may have been installed incorrectly in the assembly. The consequence would be melting of the ground terminal and components near the heater. If this heat reaches a certain point, there is the risk of fire, hence the withdrawal.

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So far there have been no injuries related to the problem, but there have been several related incidents of which the firm is aware. Subaru recommends to owners to park outside and away from other vehicles.

subaru You have a plan to make the repairs. The dealers inspect the PTC area and will replace the grounding stud. Likewise, the brand recommends that the vehicle be stopped immediately and that they turn off the ignition if they detect smoke.

The notification of the withdrawal to the owners will be made within the 60 days after to this ad. Those interested in this information can enter the VIN of their Ascent in to find out if your car is part of the recall.

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