Suffer with Richard Hammond while watching each and every one of his accidents (+ video)

Suffer with Richard Hammond while watching each and every one of his accidents (+ video)

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If Richard Hammond is known for something, it is, without a doubt, for being one of the three presenters of Top Gear. This role continued to take on relevance for English on The Grand Tour, a program for which he is currently a presenter. However, Hammond is also famous for something less enjoyable, and it is because he has suffered many accidents throughout his careerand some of them quite serious.

After all, he has dedicated himself -and is dedicated- to not only testing some of the most fascinating cars in the world, but also to carrying out challenges in which he can find himself involved in tricky situations. So, Richard Hammond has decided to sit down and review, for 13 minutes, all the accidents that he has suffered as a presenter of Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Suffer with Richard Hammond as he goes over each and every one of his accidents

But not only with cars, but also with motorcycles, trucks and even boats. Yes, Richard Hammond’s evidence record goes much further than that of any regular journalist, also causing him to find himself in totally bizarre situations.

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But without a doubt one of the worst accidents Hammond has suffered has been at the controls of a Rimac. Such was the magnitude of the blow that the electric supercar ended up being burned down, although luckily for our protagonist he was able to get out of the car on his own feet.

Even so, Richard Hammond himself remembers an accident with a small Daihatsu van that, in addition to his own injuries at the time, It continues to cause pain in the head and neckand that has not been, apparently, one of the worst blows he has suffered throughout his career as a car tester.

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