Suffer with us to see how, unnecessarily, this Volkswagen Golf R32 tries to wade (+ video)

Rufford Ford has become a regular location for English youtubers, and the reason is none other than, when it rains, a large puddle is generated that causes more than one car to suffer in the attempt. And as it is quite common for it to pour in those parts, the show is almost always guaranteed, both for the better when full-blooded off-roaders face it successfully and for the worse as is the case today. And it is that you are going to suffer seeing like a Volkswagen Golf R32 annoys its glorious VR6 by facing, unnecessarily, this great puddle.

And it is that this area is really flooded considerably, being plausible for 4x4s prepared for tasks such as wading and SUVs with a certain ground clearance. Surprisingly, some passenger cars, sedans and compacts manage to pass thanks to their drivers approaching it with caution; although the most prudent are those who turn around and look for an alternative path.

The Volkswagen Golf R32 with an off-road complex that suffered in the attempt

After various cars passing it with greater or lesser spirit, we find a Ford Transit perhaps too motivated that causes water to enter the engine as it passes. The consequent white smoke is a clear sign that it would have been a better option to take another road or not to have faced Rufford Ford with such enthusiasm.

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Other vehicles emerge gracefully from this water trap, but also others do not even bother to try, as shown by a Mazda MX-5 NA with turbo that, although it makes the feint, decides to go back where it came from. And everything seems to be going relatively well until a Volkswagen Golf R32 IV appears on the scene, a vehicle not at all prepared to wade.

And it is that he makes it clear after his driver, who faces the puddle with much more impetus than he should, have to stop because the 3.2-liter VR6 is “breathing” water. Finally, a van has to tow the German compact that leaves the ranch in search of a workshop that resolves the situation.

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