Tactile, minimalist and not without controversy, Volvo discovers what the interior of the EX90 (and all its future cars) will look like

Tactile, minimalist and not without controversy, Volvo discovers what the interior of the EX90 (and all its future cars) will look like

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Volvo’s new flagship is a few days away from being fully discovered. The Swedish firm presents us today what the interior of the new Volvo EX90, a car that will be positioned at the top of the Volvo range and that will complement the XC90 as the manufacturer’s most advanced electric crossover. Nevertheless, After an extremely minimalist and technological design, we find ourselves once again with the controversywell Volvo goes a step further in the use of touch controls.

Developed on the new SPA 2 modular platform, which is the same one also used by the Polestar 3, the new Volvo EX90 is a car that anticipates how all new generation Volvo cars will be. And we are not only referring to the design, but also to the propulsion systems, driving aids and technology.

The interior of the EX90 will come to all the new generation of Volvo models

And it is precisely at this last point where Volvo stops to show us what the new dashboard of the Volvo EX90 will be like, discovering in it a set made up of a large central touch screen in vertical positiona fully digital instrument cluster in ultra widescreen format and a multifunction steering wheel with touch controls. We are talking about a very clean, extremely minimalist design that completely forgets the few physical controls that Volvo still used in its interiors. In addition, novelties as important as the integration of transmission control in a lever behind the steering wheelon the right side, in true Mercedes style.

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With this first advance, Volvo has also shown how the operation of the new infotainment software based on Android Automotive. This system, which is already being used by models such as the Volvo C40 Recharge, launches a new evolution to allow more possibilities in terms of performance, graphics and functionality. In order to limit the impact of the absence of touch controls, Volvo ensures that this interface will adapt according to the applications and functions that we are usingthus facilitating their control, while keeping basic controls fixed, such as those for the climate control, at the bottom of the screen.

The Volvo EX90 will be presented on November 9 in Sweden

But this commitment to “all touch” is not without controversybecause although we will have to give it a chance to see how the ergonomics of this interface have been resolved, the absence of physical controls in the most common functions (climate control, volume, etc.) still means the loss of references for the driver, which sooner or later involves some degree of distraction while driving.

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