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Rolls-Royce Boss Says Future New Model Will Be EV

Rolls-Royce Spectre debuta como el primer vehículo eléctrico de producción de la marca con una autonomía de 260 mil

Rolls-Royce will launch a new era of electric power for the brand with the upcoming launch of the Specter. The Specter will be the first all-electric vehicle produced by Rolls-Royce, marking a significant change for the luxury automaker. According to CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos in an interview with Car magazine, the …

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BMW Design and M Boss Describes 2023 XM’s Wild Style

BMW Design and M Boss Describes 2023 XM's Wild Style

The XM may be a niche M model like the M1, but it’s far from a direct successor to the iconic mid-engined supercar from the late 1970s. At 2,710 kilograms (nearly 6,000 pounds), it is the heaviest vehicle ever to come from Munich and takes the form of a large …

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