Take the controls of this beautiful classic Vespa, and support two worthy causes

If you are reading Diariomotor it is because Do you like cars or motorcycles?. If you are a fan of two wheels, I need not remind you of the tremendous historical importance and enormous charisma of the wonderful classic Vespa. These small motorcycles were the key to mobility for an entire generation and today they are valued icons. We are sure that you would love to have a classic Vespa. And it is that you could not only put yourself at the controls of this beautiful Vespa 50 from the year 1967but also, you will be supporting two great social causes.

The Legacy of Maria de Villota is an initiative that has continued to support the charitable causes that María de Villota launched while she was alive. The Legacy regularly collaborates with two institutions in which Alejandro Montejo, our commercial director, is also a frequent volunteer. The first is the San José Social Dining Roomwhich since 2017 serves up to 250 meals daily to people in need, shooting up its daily demand to more than 1,000 meals during the hardest months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both the homes and the dining room are non-profit organizations.

there are also the Homes Maria de Villotathree homes that They provide shelter, lodging and maintenance to mothers – with or without babies – in situations of extreme difficulty and social exclusion. In addition, it helps the social integration of these mothers with workshops and activities that allow them to carve out a decent future. These two social projects They are nourished by the work of volunteers and the support of the Legacy of María de Villota – as well as donations – but they have big expenses and need financial support in these times of high inflation.

In the case of the dining room, a new smoke outlet for the kitchen is imperative, as well as a renovation of its worn furniture. The same is true in homes, and in both cases, they need help with their day-to-day operating expenses. The necessary investment exceeds 23,000 euros. From Diariomotor, and with the help of Alejandro Montejo, we have decided to collaborate with the María de Villota Legacy, and We have decided to donate and auction a Vespa 50 Special from 1967, allocating the amount of its final price to these important causes social.

The Vespa is a 49cc 4 speed X66 model. When it exceeds 50 km/h, it is not a moped, it is a motorcycle.

The Vespa in question is donated by Alejandro Montejo. It is a very special unit. It was registered for the first time in Jaén in 1967, and after passing through several hands, he finished us off. The Vespa was mechanically restored in 2014, and since 2016 it has been registered and in perfect working order. In 2022, It has been professionally restored aesthetically, as well as fine-tuned, by Vespa Roma. vespa rome He is one of the best specialists and trainers in Spain in Vespas, Piaggio and Gilera.

How can I bid on the Vespa?

The Vespa auction takes place on the Subastas de Procuradores platform, and the starting price is 3,000 euros. The auction It has already started and will end on December 23. The winner of the auction will be delivered the motorcycle in Madrid, and Diariomotor will bear the transfer costs. Remember, bids are binding: if at the end of the auction you are the winner, you incur the obligation to acquire the Vespa. The Vespa can be visited at the Vespa Roma facilities (C/Piamonte, 2, Madrid).

What if I simply want to collaborate with the cause?

If you are only looking to help the causes that this action supports, we have opened an account in the crowdfunding platform HacesFalta.orgwhere you can contribute the amount you want to support the needs of the soup kitchen and the three homes.

Link to the auction website: Attorney Auctions

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