Tesla already sells the cheapest Tesla Model Y with a range of 279 miles

Tesla already sells the cheapest Tesla Model Y with a range of 279 miles

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Tesla knows the importance of beginning to reach sales targets, so it is managing to deal with the shortfall. For this, he began to sell a cheaper variant of ModelY which, although it is not in your inventory on the web, can be purchased in stores for US$ 2000 less than long range model which costs $54,380.

The difference from the previous entry-level rear-wheel drive Model Y, which was discontinued in 2021, is that this new entry-level model has all wheel drive for its double engine. It also has a highest EPA rated range.

They are 279 miles of autonomy with full charge, surpassing the model by 35 miles standard range. That being said, it falls short of the Model Y Longe Range and Performance in 51 and 24 miles, respectively.

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The electric motors of this latest addition to the Model Y line are powered by batteries Tesla’s 4680, made in Texas, although it is not known how much the package capacity is rated and other details. However, it can be presumed to fall short of the 75 kWh that it powered the 2020 Model Y Long.

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Whether buyers want to sacrifice a bit of range compared to the long-range Model Y for a $2,000 price reduction is a personal matter.

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